Akamas the wild side (stunning aerial video of the nature reserve)

Akamas Peninsula National Park

National Parks in Cyprus

Situated at the westernmost tip of Cyprus , Akamas Peninsula is included in the official UNESCO list of cultural and natural treasures of the world’s heritage. It was the first area in Cyprus to have been proposed as a national park. The peninsula, Akamas, was named after the son of Theseus, hero of the Trojan Wars and founder of the city-kingdom of Soli.

Wildlife protection

Akamas Peninsula itself is a natural beauty varied in its geology. With outcrops, deep gorges of limestone, serpentine, and other igneous rocks, it allows the diversity of soil types and a rich plant life as a direct consequence. Number of plant species found here runs up to 600, with up to 35 of them being indigenous to the island. Among the endemic plant species are alyssum ( Alyssum akamasicus ) as well as the endemic tongue orchid ( Serapias aphroditae ). Rare is also yellow-flowered punctuate orchid ( Orchis punctulata ). In Peyia forest the orchids grow in both abundance and rich diversity. The variety of fauna is also impressive: 168 bird species, 12 mammals, 20 reptiles and butterfly species. Lara-Toxeftra is a Marine Reserve within Akamas National Park , which was established to protect marine turtles and their nesting beaches. Most commonly green ( Chelonia mydas ) and loggerhead turtles ( Caretta caretta ) can be found here. Occasionally monk seal can be still spotted also.

Sport activities

There are two marked nature trails in the Akamas Peninsula , the Aphrodite Trail and the Adonis Trail, ideal for walking or cycling. A walk along the mountain trails accompanied by the panoramic view of the bay of Polis , is a unique experience. Down at the seaside, diving, or cruising on small craft can be also practiced. You may get a boat-trip to Akamas Sea from Latchi Harbour and choose a bottom-glass boat to discover under sea-surface life.

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