Cyprus continues programme of creating Artificial Diving Reefs

Check out this short video of the sinking of the Kerynia at Agia Napa to become an artificial diving reef!

It started with 3 beau fort and went up to 5, even so we managed to take it up and get this footage.
Hope you enjoy it as it was an 8 hour wait on a boat!

The Kyrenia Wreck is the 5th Wreck to become part of the Islands artificial reef program organised by the Ministry of Fisheries and the CDCA. The wreck itself was donated by the Department of Defence, Cyprus and was finally laid to rest on 28th February 2015. She now lies perfectly upright on the sea bed at 25m.

ARTIFICIAL reefs complete with sunken ships are to be created to enrich marine life and the underwater environment, manage fishing resources while also attracting locals and tourist to dive or snorkel. “The first artificial reef was completed in 2009 in the Amathounta sea area and we are continuing the project with the creation of reefs in sea areas of Famagusta, Limassol and Paphos,” an official from the department said. The official said such reefs are usually placed 35 to 40 metres from shore to protect sea life and must be in areas not prone to strong waves.

A ship named Laboe, close to the Latsi area and will be set in the sea off Kato Paphos, close to Moulia. The Memesis III ship is currently at Larnaca port and will be placed in the sea off Paralimni, close to the Liberty ship to enrich the area further. The ships Costandis and Lady Thetis are at the new Limassol port and will be placed in the sea off Dasoudi beach.

The first ship sunk in the Amathounta sea area is an old fishing vessel, is 25 metres long.

The most famous diving wreck in Cyprus is the world-famous Zenobia. The 12,000 tonne passenger roll-on roll-off ferry capsized off the coast of Larnaca 33 years ago, taking with it over 100 lorries and industrial machinery. Today, it is regarded as one of the world’s top ten wreck dives because of the wide variety on offer, with cargo, sea life and scenic underwater views all available. The wreck’s top sits at 15m below the water while the maximum depth is 42m, attracting both novices and advanced divers.

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