Easter is one of the most important festivals in Cyprus

It is no wonder that the Cypriots celebrate Easter so brilliantly, and with it fast approaching preparations are already underway. There is always a vibrant atmosphere with families going to church, shopping for new clothes and eating together.Easter2

Similarly to how seasons change in colour, so do the aromas running up to Easter Sunday in Cyprus, with families preparing traditional Easter dishes. Where in the UK hot cross buns signify Easter celebrations, in Cyprus it is the sweet breads called Flaounes and Tsourekia that are baked to symbolize Easter’s arrival.

Flaounes are shaped into triangles and sprinkled with sesame seeds while tsourekia are delicately braided strands of dough. For those who prefer savoury treats, Tiropites are served — they are traditional small cheese pies in puff pastry. On Good Friday, its the scent of orange blossom that fills the air as churches are delicately decorated with this local flower.

By Easter Saturday everywhere is a hive of celebration. Firework displays are held, traditional Cypriot soup is sipped and games are played.Easter1

As the aromas change from baking to outdoor roasting, we know Easter Sunday has arrived. Roast lamb is barbequed on an open charcoal fire and is complemented by salads, breads, cakes and wine. This banquet is followed by dancing to live traditional Cypriot music.

People are increasingly enjoying the festive aspect of the Easter break, with Good Friday and Easter Monday becoming a welcome extension to the weekend. Easter1Why not take advantage of this public holiday and choose Cyprus for your Spring holiday? Check out the video below and learn how to make the special Cyprus sweet bread, flaounes.


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