Get on the “Wilde Side” in Akamas Nature Reserve


The Akamas peninsula stands to the north-west of Pafos and is the perfect place to discover the diversity of the Cyprus landscape and wildlife. The Avakas Gorge lies on its southern fringes and is perfect early in the morning when the silence is broken only by goat bells. The gorge is steep and there are parts where sunlight never penetrates, yet the rocky crevices are home to small Maidenhair ferns and in the Spring, to the pretty pink wild Cyclamen. The Lara headland is where the successful turtle conservation project has been run by volunteers for more than 25 years. The project has successfully ensured the protection of the Green (Chelonas mydas) and Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) turtles that come ashore each summer to lay their precious clutches of eggs. North of Lara there are dramatic coastal features such as Karavopetres – ‘the Sailing Ship rocks’ and the tiny stone chapel of Panayia tou Vlou where many visitors with eye problems have been miraculously cured. For the enthusiastic there is a long drive/ trek to the furthest tip at Cape Aranouti and the northern coast with Fontana Amorosa and the Baths of Aphrodite where the island’s colourful mythology is revealed.