PADI recommended


The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI,) one of the world’s leading scuba diving training organisations, recently promoted diving in Cyprus to its members.
An article on PADI’s Christmas newsletter recommended Cyprus in a prominently-displayed ‘Vacation Spotlight’ section saying: “From simple, sandy-bottom dives for beginners, to excellent enriched air diving on the Zenobia, one of Europe’s most famous wrecks, the island’s diving offers something for everyone.
“On top of this, the dive season in Cyprus runs from March to October or November, one of the longest dive seasons in the Mediterranean, and the waters are clear and pleasantly warm all year.”
It also mentioned attractions including the Amphorae Caves off Paphos and noted that “many beach access points lead to great shore diving and boat diving is plentiful.
“The abundance of antiquities make Mediterranean diving unique, but divers should strictly look and never touch.”
It also noted that divers could look forward to seeing flourishing indigenous life “among the rocky shorelines and outcrops around Cyprus -providing an ideal home for octopus and crustaceans” adding that green and loggerhead turtles were also regular visitors – especially in breeding season and that a reserve near Akrotiri “brings divers face-to-face with groupers, moray eels, bream and bass.”
PADI also noted: “Après dive is the time to explore those ancient Greek, Byzantine or Roman archaeological sites, enjoy ancient vineyards and citrus groves or just laze away the long, warm evenings with the Cypriot passion for sharing good food, good conversation and good friends,” the scuba diving training organisation added.
Efforts are underway to make Cyprus a more attractive diving destination as well as encouraging marine biodiversity and sustainable development through the sinking of four vessels to create artificial reefs.
The first was deployed off the Vrysoudia area of Protaras on December 20.