The Oak Trail – Evretou Valley Walk, Paphos

Enjoy our short video highlighting this wonder walk.

This walk is close to the Akamas peninsula and Paphos Forest. It starts at an elevation of almost 700 meters, at the picturesque village of Phiti. After a short pause at the village for Cyprus coffee we descend about 500 meters to the bank of Stavros Tis Psokas river, enjoying wonderful views of the valley, which is home to many oaks, remnants of the rich oak forests that in antiquity covered many areas of Cyprus. Some of the remaining trees are impressive in their dimensions (and age). We cross to the north river bank and pass close to three watermills, one of which is well preserved (and easy to spot). We have a short pause there to explore the building. A couple of hundred meters south, one can find Skarfos medieval bridge (which is nevertheless difficult to spot and reach from this location – to visit Skarfos bridge one would need to go west on the north bank and come back east on the south bank, at a total distance of about one kilometer).

At some point we cross over to the south bank and walk on the perimeter of the manmade lake of Evretou. We may see a plethora of wildlife species, including a variety of bird species (eg falcons, goldfinches, herons). The flora includes (amongst many other species) rock roses and phlomis. Over the lake on the north side we can see the deserted Evretou village.
The walk is about 10 km long and when we finish we will go for a meal at a traditional village restaurant.

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