100% Credit Card Purchase Protection

100% money back guarantee through the Credit Card purchase protection regulations, even if our Company ceases trading

All credit cards are governed by the UK Consumer Credit Act and the European Consumer Credit Directive which require credit card companies to refund customers for non provision of services.

The credit card processor on our website keeps hold of a large rolling reserve of our money for this purpose. So, if for whatever reason, and in the very unlikely event, we are unable to provide the accommodation you have booked through us, and we are not around for you to claim through our 100% money back guarantee, then you can claim a full refund from your credit card.

USE your Credit Card – It provides you protection-

For anything between 100 and 30,000, you are covered

* if the company you bought from has gone out of business;
* if the purchased goods or services are not delivered

Click below to see more information from many sources

Which? Consumer Rights: Can I claim on my credit card when something goes wrong?

Citizens Advice: Extra protection when you buy with a credit card

RBS Bank: Guide to credit cards

European Consumer Centre for Services: Paying with a credit card

Lowest Price Guarantee *

If any internet website offers you a weekly rate that is lower than ours, then we will match the competing price **

** If any internet website (authorized by the owner) offers you a weekly rate, valid at the time of booking, that is lower than ours (for the same villa and dates), then we will match the competing price. This is valid any time up to 7 days after the date of purchase from us. All you have to do is show us the lower offer! (fax, email, website).

Quite a few of our owners promote their property only through us. Some use a couple of other agents, and a handful may also do their own advertising and/or have their own website.

We passionately believe in transparent and fair dealings with both the villa Owners, and their Guests, (you).

ALL of our villa Owners, when they come on board with us, agree that the prices listed on this website will be the lowest they advertise their property at.

So, if you have seen a villa that you like on our site, go ahead and book it – don’t spend any more of your time surfing for a better deal – you’ve found the best deal you can get for this villa right here! We’ve secured it for you and we back it up with our guarantee – go ahead and take it with 100% confidence.

*Policy Limitations

The booking must be for 7 days minimum.

The Internet retailer must be an authorized agent for the villa (the owner will confirm this).

The lower price found elsewhere must be publicly available, must be current, and must NOT be conditional to buying other services such as flights or car hire for example.

The price comparison must be in Euro

The rental pricing difference is NOT the result of shifting charges from the rental to the “extras” or vice versa.

100% money back guarantee

If villa becomes unavailable

If after you’ve booked through us, the villa becomes unavailable either due to actions or lack of actions, and or omissions by the owner or ourselves, we will credit you with 100% towards any other villa on our site, that you are happy to accept as a suitable alternative. In the unlikely event we cannot offer an acceptable alternative villa, we will refund 100% of all monies paid to us up to that point. This Guarantee is offered to all clients booking with us, in appreciation of your business.