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Pégeia, CY
12:15 am, February 21, 2024
temperature icon 9°C
Humidity 68 %
Wind Gust: 2 mph

Welcome to Cyprus, Sunshine Island of exotic fragrances, Mediterranean flavours, and a fusion of Experiences.

Cyprus has long been a honeypot for holidaymakers lured by the irresistible promise of sea, sand, and sun all year round. This sunshine paradise has beaches to stretch out on, ruins to wander and is the original island of love. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was born and rose from the foam of the sea on the island of Cyprus. Situated at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Asia, and Africa – the island’s unique geographic position has played an important part in its turbulent past, long history and a rich culture that spans over 11.000 years.

Cyprus is an open-air museum of prehistoric settlements, classical Greek temples, Roman theatres and villas, Early Christian basilicas, Byzantine churches and monasteries, Crusader castles, Gothic cathedrals, Venetian fortifications, Moslem mosques, and British colonial-style buildings. Combining the stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, the exotic blend of Greek, Middle Eastern and European cuisine, Wine routes, Culture, Nature, Water sports, Golf, and so much more, ensures that Cyprus is the ideal destination for a quality holiday spent with family and friends.

Coral Bay (Pegeia)

Coral bay is located about twenty km from Paphos town to the west in the municipality of Pegeia. The area comprises a top-class award-winning blue flag sandy beach, along with an abundance of restaurants, bars, and nightlife. Approximately 5km up hill is the village of Pegeia with a selection of local restaurants and unique bars, where the pace of life offers relaxation and amazing views of Coral Bay Below. The nearby village of Kathikas is located on the hills above Pegeia approximately 15Km drive. Here you can stroll through the cobblestoned village streets, eat at one of the local tavernas, visit the donkey sanctuary, and even partake in a wine tasting at one of the two wineries in the village.

Paphos (Pafos)

Paphos, an ancient port city in western Cyprus, is steeped in Greek mythology. As the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, it is full of romance and tinged with legend. A sense of timelessness encompasses Paphos, from its crumbling ruins to its traditional mountain villages. Backstreets lead to medieval baths and catacombs, while inland, vineyard-carpeted hills cradle wineries and Byzantine monasteries. It’s an incredibly interesting place to visit. Paphos has the longest coastline in Cyprus, from Aphrodite’s birthplace in the south, to Aphrodite’s Baths in the north with beaches all along the way. It has the Akamas Peninsula (nature reserve) and the forests of Tilliria, two of the island’s great wilderness areas, crisscrossed with trails and dotted with picnic sites. Inland the beautiful sunny uplands, carpeted in vineyards and dotted with wineries, monasteries, and pretty villages. Paphos (Pafos) town is characterized by 2 parts, Kato Pafos (lower) and Pano Pafos (upper). Kato Pafos has the harbor and main tourist area. Lined with numerous bars and restaurants, along with the medieval Castle, Kato Paphos is a wonderful area for a stroll along the coast after an amazing meal in the evening. Pano Paphos consists of the old town with its narrow winding streets, and here you will find the municipal markets, boutique shops, cafes, bars, art galleries, and museums to while away your day.

Cyprus Climate & weather

Cyprus’s southerly position means it enjoys one of the longest summers in Europe, mild winters from December to February and short autumn and spring seasons in between.

Summer is a season of high temperatures and cloudless skies with sea breezes that creates a pleasant atmosphere in the coastal areas. Winters are mild with snow on Troodos Mountains creating the possibility to sunbathe in the morning and go skiing in the afternoon.

During the short winter period Cyprus enjoys abundant sunshine, and even in December and January, there is an average of six hours of bright sunshine per day, making Cyprus the ideal all year-round destination.