Kataklysmos (Festival of the Flood)

Kataklysmos (Festival of the Flood)

03-06 June 2023

Celebrated early June, Kataklysmos is one of the most anticipated holidays in Cyprus. It’s a unique festival with its origins tied to ancient Greek mythology and Christian traditions. The holiday involves a lot of water-related activities, music, dancing, and delicious local food. The festivities last for a few days and take place in all seaside towns. Kataklysmos is celebrated on the day after Pentecost and it is a moveable holiday as it is determined by the date of our Easter. This is a national and church holiday here in Cyprus.

In Cyprus, Kataklysmos is traditionally the start of summer season, and folklore celebrations are held in all coastal cities with this religious and popular festival. Kataklysmos is a time for visiting Paphos harbor which will be the center of many outdoor activities. Paying a visit to the harbor starts with checking the market stalls where one finds countless traditional and not so traditional handicrafts; and this is because the stalls offer for sale toys, garden gnomes, music instruments, hookahs, local handicrafts and so much more. Food is undeniably a hallmark of the festival and you will find mini donuts, sweet crepes (for those who have a sweet tooth), BBQ sweet corn as well as local products and traditional dishes. Kataklysmos is also an opportunity to enjoy free concerts, folk dancing and various performances. Here artists play their music on stages whilst people dance, chat and have fun. As an example of what to expect below is a copy of the Paphos programme for 2022.

As the Festival is attended by just about everyone in the locality (locals and tourists alike) parking can be an issue at times. The earlier you arrive the better, and once parked, a stroll along the promenade soaking up the asthenosphere and taking in the sights offers a great night out for family & friends alike. For more information and an updated 2023 programme of events, check out https://www.visitpafos.org.cy/