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Welcome to Cyprus, Sunshine Island of exotic fragrances and Eastern Mediterranean flavors

Whoever said that civilization started on the table and variety was the spice of life surely had Cyprus in mind. In ancient times it was said that Cyprus invented the art of good living, and the island’s name became synonymous for luxury to both the Gods and humans.

If there is one main element that characterizes the Cypriot cuisine, it is its freshness. The other is the variety of dishes that you will find in Cyprus. The Cypriot cuisine due to its Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern influences offers some unique dishes and culinary experiences.

Tavernas, restaurants and hotels offer French, Italian and “international” menus. But they take pride in preparing Cypriot food and specialties, especially in the tavernas and the popular restaurants. These are some of the Cypriot dishes, which delight both tourists and residents alike.

Cyprus wines and wine production is amongst the world’s oldest dating back to around 2000 BC. There are over 100 varieties of grapes cultivated in Cyprus, most of these are in Limassol and Paphos districts and on the foothills of Mount Olympus. Probably the most famous wine is the dessert wine called Commandaria made from the Nama grape variety and dating back a few tens of hundreds of years. Cyprus beer comes under one name, KEO, an extremely popular beer that is regularly a prize winner in world beer competitions. Cyprus spirits include Zivania, a strong drink similar to Raki normally served cold, and Cyprus Brandy which is again of high quality, probably the best known Cypriot brandy being Five Kings.

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Located at the crossroads of several civilisations, Cyprus is a land of snowcapped mountains, pristine beaches, historical locales, exotic wildlife and ancient traditions. Lush, verdant and authentic has become the hallmark of the island nation, catapulting it to one of the most promising holiday destinations in the Mediterranean region. Cyprus has mild weather, which is neither as cold as Europe nor as warm as the GCC countries. With its pleasant year-around temperature, even winter months are a great time to visit the country.

Bestowed with a great landscape that is mottled with natural splendors and a multilayered past, Cyprus is a traveler’s abode. With its superbly clean beaches, the country has been drawing sun-seekers from around the region and beyond. If you travel to Cyprus from January to March, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun, and drive 45 minutes up in the mountains and see snow. That is the dramatic landscape and variation you will come across in Cyprus. Everything is locally produced; it is organic and inexpensive. The country offers a lot of experience in a relatively small area.

Cyprus has an old world Mediterranean charm to it. With over 10,000 years of history that includes a lot of Greek, but also Byzantine, Ottoman and British influences, the country offers a unique blend of culture and hospitality. Nicosia is a great place to visit. It is the last divided city in the world with a Turkish occupied area and the Republic side. The capital is a no-car city with a unique all-pedestrian culture. There is resurgence in many tourist destinations in Cyprus to keep things authentic.

Cyprus still has a myriad of untapped areas, with crystal clear woods and lively resorts. With a contemporary cosmopolitan lifestyle, and facilities like wind surfing, para sailing and scuba diving for those seeking fun, there is loads to explore in Cyprus.

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