Tips to help find cheap flight tickets to Cyprus?

In this day and age of rising prices, try following these tips to help you find the best value airfare for your well deserved holiday.


Be flexible:

with your travel dates: airfares can vary significantly depending on the day and time of travel. Consider flying during weekdays or shoulder seasons when demand is lower, as this can often result in lower prices.

Use flight search engines:

Start your search by using popular flight search engines like Google Flights, Skyscanner, or JetRadar  These platforms allow you to compare prices across multiple airlines, airports, days, and find the best deals available.

Sign up for fare alerts:

Many websites and airlines offer fare alert services that notify you when there are price drops or special promotions. When signing up list your local airport as your preferred but also add one or two alternatives you might also use. This way, you won’t miss out on any great deals.

Look for airline sales and promotions:

Keep an eye out for airline sales and promotional offers specifically targeted at flights to Cyprus. Airlines occasionally offer discounted fares for certain routes or travel periods.

Consider alternative airports and routes:

Sometimes flying from or to nearby airports can save you money on tickets. For Coral Bay, Paphos is the closest airport but maybe consider flying to Larnaca airport if the fare is substantially lower. Whilst Paphos airport is a 30 minute transfer, Larnaca airport is just a 2 hour drive from Coral Bay. Also, consider indirect routes with stopovers if they offer cheaper options compared to direct flights. Click here for a complete list and contact details of all airlines with direct flights to Cyprus, Paphos and Larnaca airports.

Join loyalty programs:

If you frequently fly with a particular airline, joining their loyalty program can earn you points that can be redeemed for free seat selection, extra baggage or discounted fares.

Book as soon as you find a price you are happy with:

Airlines operate a fluid pricing system where prices can and do fluctuate up and down. When you find a price you are happy with, book it. It is very possible you could return to book in an hours time and find the price has increased drastically. All airlines offer a limited number of seats at different price points and when these are gone, the fare goes up.

Checking prices for families or groups:

All airlines (especially low cost) offer a limited number of seats at the lowest advertised fare. When checking for a number of seats always check for just 1 person and then again for the number in your party. In this way you will be sure you have the lowest possible fare available. If when you do this there is a difference in price between 1 seat and the number in your group, go back and reprice from 2-3-4 etc. This way you will find the maximum number of seats at the lowest possible fare. For example you might be a party of 6 travelling and you find 3 seats at €300 and another 3 at €400. If you price only for the full party i.e. 6, you will be offered all seats at €400. In this example doing as above would save you €300 towards you holiday. You would of course have 2 different bookings, but for huge savings, it’s worth it.

Booking your Baggage:

Most airlines today charge extra for baggage, and in some cases this can be more than the actual flight. When making your booking the airline will encourage to also book your bags, letting you know its cheaper now than at the airport. If you add your baggage at this stage, and for some unseen reason in the future you have to cancel, not only will you lose the cost of your flight, you will also lose the money paid for baggage. What the airlines don’t tell you is that you can at any stage from the time of booking to the time of check-in, login to your reservation add your baggage. Doing this might in some cases be slightly more expensive that adding at the time of booking, however if you did have to cancel for any reason whatsoever, it might just save you a whole lot of money.

Travel Insurance: (never leave home without it)

To the majority of people the outlay for their holiday is a major expense they cannot afford to lose. The last couple of years have shown us all we have no idea what lays ahead. Having a quality Travel Insurance policy not only gives you peace of mind, but it protects the substantial investment you have made in your well deserved holiday. A good policy will also cover you in the event of a medical emergency, lost or delayed baggage, missed or delayed flights, lost passport and much, much more. Prestige Bookings have teamed up with Europesure to offer you an exceptional quality travel insurance with different levels of cover and pricing to suit your needs. This policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A and is available to all residents of the EU, EEA, Monaco, the UK, and Gibraltar. The policy offers cover for both single trip and annual multi trip, as well as single person, couple, family or single parent family options. Click on the photo below for a no obligation quote and give yourself, family and friends the peace of mind when looking forward to their break in the sun.