Travel Insurance

From family vacations to business trips, travel insurance gives people the peace of mind that they are protected from unforeseen circumstances. it is more important than ever to ensure that you and everyone in your party are covered by a comprehensive travel insurance policy. If you haven’t yet taken out a policy Prestige Bookings have partnered with Europsure to provide an affordable and comprehensive policy for your protection with a Covid-19 add on.

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Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

  • You need to cancel your trip – What happens if someone gets sick and can’t travel, a parent dies, you’re required to work, or your house floods?
  • You miss your flight – You’ve planned a holiday, but you get delayed on the way to the airport.
  • Your flight is cancelled – Your airline for any reason cancelled your flight and doesn’t compensate extra expenses like accommodation, transfers, car hire etc.
  • A terrorist event occurs – meaning you are unable to travel
  • You get sick or injured on your trip – you won’t be paying a huge medical bill. You’ll also have assistance services in your own language – to locate a suitable medical facility and arrange transportation.
  • Your baggage is delayed or lost – Your holiday Unfortunately, the airline made a mistake, and your baggage will be delayed. Luckily, you’ve covered for emergency clothes, shoes, toothpaste, and personal items.
  • Your passport is lost – You are away on holiday and your passport has been lost or stolen. With coverage for lost passports, you’ll have help speeding up replacing and paying for a new passport.
  • You need an emergency medical evacuation – With medical evacuation coverage, you can arrange safe transportation to a medical facility.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

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Disclaimer (small print)

All benefits above are subject without notice and should be checked at the time of purchase, Prestige bookings provide this facility purely for your convenience and accept no responsibility whatsoever for the terms, conditions, pricing or any dispute with the insurance company. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the purchased policy is sufficient for your requirements and that you comply with all conditions of the policy.