What Is The EU’s New eVisa Requirement, And Will It Affect Me?

What is the ETIAS set to come into force in 2025?


European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). It’s essential for travelers to stay informed about such changes.

  1. What Is ETIAS?
    • ETIAS is a new travel authorization system that will apply to travelers visiting 30 European countries.
    • Similar to the USA’s ESTA and the UK’s ETA schemes, it aims to enhance security and streamline entry procedures.
  2. Exemptions:
    • Ireland is exempt from ETIAS requirements due to its participation in the Common Travel Area.
    • Travelers to other participating countries will need to apply for ETIAS.
  3. Implementation Date:
    • ETIAS is scheduled to be introduced in mid-2025.
    • However, the exact enforcement date has not been specified yet.
  4. Current Status:
    • As of now, travelers do not need an ETIAS for travel to Europe.
    • The official ETIAS website is not live, and applications are not being accepted yet.
  5. Future Application Process:
    • When ETIAS becomes official, visa-exempt travelers from third countries will need to apply for it.
    • The application fee is €7.
    • Processing time is expected to be between 30 minutes and 96 hours.

What will the rules around the ETIAS be when they go live?


ETIAS will cost €7 for most travellers, but will be free for those under the age of 18 and aged 70 and over.

Each application will last for three years and allow holders to travel on multiple trips during this period using the same one.

There are caveats that you should be aware of, though.

If your passport expires during the ETIAS validity period, you will need to apply for a new ETIAS.

It will also not be valid if it expires during your stay. In such cases, you would need to apply for a new ETIAS in advance of your travels, to cover the duration of your stay.

Currently you do not need to have an ETIAS for travel to Europe as the system is not yet live, the website itself is not live or taking applications, so you cannot yet get an official ETIAS. Any websites claiming to offer this service today are not official and should be avoided.

Remember to stay updated on official announcements regarding ETIAS, and avoid unofficial websites claiming to offer ETIAS services. ✈️🌍


What you need to apply


When filling out the application, you will need to have your travel document and a payment card at hand. You will also be asked to provide your personal information. You can apply using the official ETIAS website or the official ETIAS mobile app.

Travel documents


To apply, you will need a valid travel document to which a visa may be affixed.

Your travel document should not expire in less than three months and it should not be older than 10 years.

A travel document which does not comply with international standards may be rejected during the application process. It may also pose problems when a carrier verifies your travel authorisation prior to boarding

When filling out the application, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Personal information including your name(s), surname, date and place of birth, nationality, home address, parents’ first names, email address and phone number;
  • Travel document details;
  • Details about your level of education and current occupation;
  • Details about your intended travel and stay in any of the countries requiring ETIAS;
  • Details about any criminal convictions, any past travels to war or conflict zones, and whether you have recently been subject of a decision requiring you to leave the territory of any country.

You will need to declare that the data you submit and the statements you make are correct. You will also need to confirm that you understand the entry conditionsto the territories of the European countries requiring ETIAS and that you may be requested to provide the relevant supporting documents each time you cross the external border.

If someone is submitting the application on your behalf, that person will have to provide their surname, first name(s), the name and contact details of the organisation or firm (if applicable), as well as information on their relationship to you and a confirmation that this person and you have signed the declaration of representation.

Applications for minors (under 18 years of age) have to be submitted by a person exercising permanent or temporary parental authority or legal guardianship.


Application fee


You will need a payment card to cover the EUR 7 fee. You can use a variety of online payment options to pay the fee.

Applicants who are under 18 or above 70 years of age are exempt from this payment. Also exempt are family members of EU citizens or of non-EU nationals who have the right to move freely throughout the European Union.


Click the link below to apply online on the Official EU website

Official ETIAS application website 





These 30 European countries require visa-exempt travellers to have an ETIAS travel authorisation.





Remember to check back regularly for updates and new information as it becomes available.