6 hacks to make your airport experience less stressful

1. Arrive early

Somehow, it’s one so many of us manage to get wrong. No matter how hard we try, something always goes wrong that causes a slight delay on the day of travel – a sudden last-minute desire to open luggage and check we haven’t forgotten something, too much traffic en route, puncture or accident along the way, or issues with public transport, etc. Plan extra time to get to the airport into your itinerary – you won’t regret it when you arrive at the airport feeling relaxed. Chill out, have a coffee or a drink in the bar knowing you will make your flight on-time.

2. Pack for a delay

There is a worry that your flight may get delayed, and the best way to soothe any anxieties is to prepare for that eventuality. In your hand luggage, pack a change of clothes, snacks, a reusable water bottle, small security-friendly toiletries and any medication you might need overnight to avoid any unnecessary stress and panic buying.

3. Never pack medicines or other valuables in checked luggage

It’s always a worry that your luggage may get delayed or even lost, For this reason you should never pack anything in your checked luggage that would cause serious inconvenience or problems if it went missing. Items like medications, passport, money, car/house keys, jewelry/valuables should always be packed in your hand luggage. Also if you have any prescription medicines you should carry a copy of the script in case you needed to top up whilst away. Check also that the medicines you have with you are allowed in the country you will visit, just because it’s allowed in your home country doesn’t automatically mean its allowed in the country you are visiting.

4. Prepare for security before you get to the airport

Nothing is worse than getting stuck behind someone not suitably prepared for security. You can feel the stress emanating from them as they scramble to sort through their luggage, adding delays to the rest of the queue. Pack your liquids in a transparent bag beforehand, place your electrics in a separate compartment so they’re easily accessible, and keep your passport, documents, and visas close to hand.

5. Check your airline’s baggage allowance

If you know you’ll need to pack your suitcase to the brim, it’s best to prepare in advance to ensure you avoid an awkward unpacking by the check-in desks. Visit the airline’s website before you travel to double-check any weight and size restrictions and pack accordingly, and remember to check any further airline requirements if you’ll be swapping aircraft during the journey.

6. Wear suitable clothes

We’ve moved on from the days when travelling by plane meant wearing your finest clothes. Comfort is key here – see top tips on what to wear on a plane from conde Nast traveler. Remember to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off for security

Relax and enjoy your well deserved holiday

Having checked all of the above it’s finally time to relax and start enjoying that well deserved holiday. For the majority of people the airport experience and flight go fine. Remember though things can go wrong, but if you have taken the steps above, stay calm and everything will work out fine.